I want a FitBit.

I’ve wanted one for a while. When I first decided I wanted one, D and I discussed the repercussions it could bring, and decided against it for the time being. I didn’t need anything else that could be a possible trigger, especially with the impending move and overall uncertainty of what the next few months would hold after that move. I settled on a Timex sportswatch.

Fast-forward 10 months later, both A and C have FitBits that they wear and enjoy using. And I’m back to wanting to join the FitBit club!

First, I can’t come up with a specific reason to get one. What do I NEED it for that my Timex currently isn’t doing?

  • Heart Rate monitor – I’ve never really thought about using a HR monitor. I could be useful with HIIT training, but I’m not sure I would use it that frequently.
  • Sleep Tracker – My sleep hasn’t been great since college, so it would be nice to understand why with the help of the sleep tracker feature.
  • Step Counter – I already use the health app on my iPhone for this, but it could be nice to go on runs/walks without my phone.

Second, what aspects of the FitBit could be triggering?

  • Calorie Counter
  • Step Counter
  • Weight Loss

I feel like I am at a place where I’m not easily triggered (especially when I follow my normal routines). I did extremely well holding myself accountable last week while D was away. But, I don’t know if now is the time to test myself and risk possible triggers or just continue the way I’ve been doing things.

So, I want to know your thoughts on FitBits (or other activity trackers) in regards to ED recovery. Any advice, experiences, etc. are welcome! 🙂


2 thoughts on “FitBit

  1. Oh, wow. This one is tough! My FitBit was a hard thing to deal with during recovery. I didn’t realize until much further into treatment that I was relying on it so heavily. I still wear it now, but it’s definitely not for a healthy reason, and honestly I think it holds me back from making steps forward in recovery.

    If you decide to get one, you just need to tread lightly. Maybe you could get it but only wear it when you exercise to track your heart rate/etc, and when you sleep – that way you won’t feel dependent on the step counter. Or maybe you could wear it but only allow yourself to check it the next day so it doesn’t affect your diet that day. In my opinion, you have to be REALLY strong to fight Ed thoughts with a FitBit on, but I do love wearing mine as well!


    • Thank you so much for your reply!
      I was thinking that might be the case with thoughts + Fitbit. I’m sorry it’s been a struggle for you.
      Those are some great ideas for how to use it and not become so reliant on it! I’ll definitely implement them if I decide to get one!
      Thanks again!!! 🙂

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